All about the print

What?! A week has flown by since my last post?! I know, I know, I slacked off this week- wait, not really. Between sessions with clients, new client meetings, going to the Houston Rodeo three times, it has been a very hectic week. When is my spring break again? It should be mandatory for adults to get one too… I promise to be back on track next week! Also this week in this great state of Texas, is some sketchy weather. We had some windy, chilly days, followed by some amazing, sunshine & crystal blue skies and then took another turn for the worse over the weekend and are back to chilly, rainy weather. Ooo Texas, you can never make up your mind. I wanted to share this totally, mixed up outfit on behalf of this crazy Texas weather. Last weekend when we headed out to shoot, I was all bright & colorful with a hot pink Gap top & new Jonathan Adler for TOMS, ahhhh spring was here. Then I stepped outside…. A little wind chill caused me to snag my camo Gap jacket to keep me warm. Yea, I know, this outfit is a little bit of spring & winter combined, but hey, when we never know what the weather will be, we have to improvise.


Of course I busted out my new shades too, hoping they would bring out the sun, no luck! – Von Zipper Sunnies


And my new Jonathan Adler for TOMS, don’t you guys just love the print!






Camo print, TOMS print, a little fur, you just can’t go wrong. Anything to keep warm!

Au Revoir… LA


Bonjour Fancy Box

My Coco Rocha Fancy Box nailed it this month. This has been my favorite box thus far and I am really looking forward to continuing to get these awesome boxes! Every month I think they get better, and since this month was NYC & Paris Fashion Weeks, I was hoping the box would have something fashion related inside. The box was Paris themed and included some fabulous items. Since one item was a shirt, I decided to make this a Fancy Box / Fashion Post combo. I have heard a few of you finally committed to the monthly subscription, which means the rest of you better catch up & subscribe. What a fun way to treat yourself each month, a box of surprises, you can’t go wrong! See what this month’s box included below:

Paris is Always a Good Idea – I LOVE this shirt. It is super soft, super cool color and hello? An Aubrey quote! What girl doesn’t need a cool tee to add to her collection?


Knuckle Rings – Did NOT come in the Fancy Box, but I love these rings! Super simple, plain, silver bands. I snagged a set of 5!


Tashcne’s Paris Book – I’ve been to Paris and adored it! I plan on taking my husband one day, so getting this little book with fabulous pictures makes me want to start planning!



Macaron Jewelry Box – Being a fan of macarons means the second I saw this, I fell in love. What a fun little trinket box to travel with! Plus, it makes me smile just seeing it!



Diamante Leather Bracelet – Not only is this bracelet blingy, it kinda matched the shirt. I love how soft the leather is and it’s easy to put on by yourself. A perfect piece to kick off spring!




Charles & Keith Loafers – I picked up these shoes while shopping in Dubai. I am a huge fan of the blue and I love comfortable flats. The little chrome strip on the back is an added bonus! I don’t think we have a Charles & Keith in Houston, so I gladly made room for these in my luggage.



Stella & Dot Chain Necklace – I love this heavy chain necklace. I picked this up at a party last year, apparently it can be used to extend necklaces too. I like the length & the shiny silver, so I leave as is.


Black Leather Jacket – I grabbed this jacket at Buffalo Exchange in Houston. I like to stop in every few weeks and see new pieces they get in, of course it’s hit or miss, but I can usually find something I love in there! I love the 80’s vibe this jacket has and since black goes with everything, I had to have it!



Again, I can’t praise the Coco Rocha Fancy box enough. It’s like getting a Christmas present once a month and you know you want one!

Au Revoir… LA

Ipsy’d Up

This month, Ipsy stepped up their game. I was really disappointed in last month’s bag, and after reading several negative reviews online regarding the Jan bag, I knew they would have to make a few changes to keep their subscribers happy. I am glad I decided to stick with it and give it another month because this month’s bag was packed with several goodies that I just love! As I mentioned before, the cost of this monthly bag is reasonable, but keep in mind most of the products are going to be sample size, not full size. I have also noticed that not every subscriber receives the same thing, there may be one or two products different in the bag, although, I am not sure how they determine on who to send what. I did get another stinky item, but will put faith that Ipsy makes right and can replace it! Now, on to the good stuff:

This month’s bag was pink with a white zipper, perfect for kicking off spring time!



Eyetini Cordial Cream Shadow (Spiced Rum) – As I’ve said, I’m not much of a shadow girl. I do plan on giving this a try but at first glance, the color seems a little wild for me!


POP Beauty Plump Pout Mini (Fuchsia Freesia)- If you haven’t tried POP yet, I highly recommend it! The gloss colors are amazing and it doesn’t leave your lips feeling sticky.

** The issue I had with this specific item, is when I opened it, I was hit with an overwhelming smell of glue / chemicals, not totally sure what it was. I ran right over to the Ipsy website and saw that several subscribers experienced the same thing. I emailed Ipsy directly to see what they can do about it. (Throwback to my last Ipsy bag post, there was a smelly item in there too)


J.Cat Beauty Eyelashes & Glue – Not sure if I can get these on by myself, but I will try! They are real human hair but look a little long and too dramatic for me… Date night maybe?


Hawaiian Ruby Guava Body Butter – Now this product smells awesome. The smell isn’t overwhelming so you can still wear perfume and it won’t overpower it. It also leaves my skin feeling super smooth & soft. I like that it came in this size because I can stick it in my purse or carry on when traveling!


Zoya Nail Polish (Odette) – First off, we all know I love nail polish. Second, this color is going to be great for spring (aren’t pastels back in?).


Love is in the Air (February Ipsy Bag)


Overall I was happy with this bag. I do hope Ipsy can replace or exchange that stinky lip gloss for something that doesn’t give me a headache. Here is to hoping that next month is all sweet scents & more goodies!

Au Revoir… LA

Candles & Diamonds, O my!

I’m back! Finally! After a week overseas and a week home of playing catch up with clients & emails, I can finally return to consistent blogging! When I arrived home, my dining room table was covered in goodies! I love coming home to mail, but packages always take it up a notch. One thing that was awaiting my arrival was a Diamond Candle. Ummmm, two things all girls love right? Candles & diamonds, combined? Yes, that’s exactly what it is. Each Diamond Candle houses a tiny foil package somewhere inside the wax. Once the candle burns down to the foil, you remove the foil pouch and unwrap. Inside is a ring worth $10, $100, $1000 or $5000… Yep ladies, it’s just that simple. Burn a candle and get some bling. I thought the candle smelled pretty good, I like desserts & sweet smells, so I opted for the Birthday Cake scent (which is no longer listed on their site). Overall, it’s a fun concept. The candles run about $25 and they are a fair size for the price, not to mention, the little bling that comes along with it. My husband was not too fond of this candle because I obsessed over burning it and constantly checked to see if I could get the foil pouch, although it didn’t take long, I was anxious!



The gold dot there, that’s my foil pouch



And it starts!


Here is my little foil pouch, removed from the wax


Of course, I ripped right into it!



Silver ring with a purple stone, I am thinking this one is worth $10



Overall, this was a fun experience and would be a great gift for your girlfriends! Grab a candle, get to burning & hopefully you get the big diamond!

Au Revoir… LA


Hey Ya’ll! I am currently sitting in my bedroom at my mom’s house all the way overseas in Dubai! My mom & her husband have been overseas 6 years, and I’ve had the opportunity to visit a few times. This time, I got to bring my in-laws along too! We have had such a busy week – shopping, going to the Burj, headed to Abu Dhabi to see the Mosque and so much more! Since I am about to leave to head home (I miss my hubby & fur babies!) this post will be short… I just wanted to share a few pictures to show you what has been keeping me away from the blog this week!

Also, I want to give a shout out to GoPro. I decided on this trip to leave my big girl Nikon at home & travel light. I went with the GoPro Silver Edition, which is the middle option amongst the three available. I have to say, it did not disappoint. Not only can you take cool videos, but it takes still images as well. Some of the images below were taking with the GoPro and for anyone out there who likes to capture their travels, fun moments, extreme sports, whatever, this is a fun little way to do it! I had my GoPro mounted to a table tripod, so I could carry it in my hand or have it stand when needed… Here is a shot of me & my two favorite ladies at the Mosque in Abu Dhabi, curtsey of my GoPro:


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – We made the short drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to see this beautiful Mosque- the marble, the structure, everything about this Mosque is amazing. This picture doesn’t do it justice! (Taken with GoPro Silver)


Henna Tattoo – My mother-n-law & I both got Henna Tattoos while we are here. No they are not permanent!



Me riding a Camel (Aren’t my Schutz flats amazing?!)

I’ll also be sharing soon the GoPro video I did while riding on top of the camel!


Me & My Peeps


Now I’m off to start packing! I have tons of new purchases which I can’t wait to share with you all! Along with some more pictures from this week… I am not looking forward to the 17 hours of flight time, but can’t wait to get home to my little family. Where have you traveled to lately? Where do you wish you could travel to? Share your dream destination with me!

Au Revoir… LA

Bling Bling

What woman doesn’t like jewelry? I like everything from costume jewelry to diamonds, and of course everything in between! A few years ago I attended a small get together and  it was full of finger foods, wine & woman- and a Stella & Dot rep. I placed an order and when it arrived, I was in love. While the jewelry is not too expensive (they do have a few high end pieces in the $100-200 range), the quality is amazing. I still wear that ring from a few years ago and it has yet to disappoint. They offer a variety of gold & silver pieces and pops of color. Since I am a silver kinda girl, they have plenty to choose from, and I love their color pieces for summer. When my friend & fellow blogger, Miranda of Shop & Twirl sent out an invite that she was having one, I was so excited! I had already been browsing their website for my next few pieces, so I was excited to get to see some of them before ordering, did I mention she had wine there too? Just a few days after the party, my order arrived (super fast shipping!). I was so excited, I photographed them in the boxes, so I promise to post some pictures of me actually wearing them all. If you haven’t visited Stella & Dot, stop by their website and pick out some pieces!

Here it is, aren’t these colors fab?!


And once you open your boxes, there are little messages to make you smile 🙂


Silver & Labradorite Cocktail Ring (Odyssey Ring)- My picture doesn’t do this ring justice, the color is amazing, the silver is great quality and did I mention it fits sizes 5-9? Yep ladies, it’s adjustable! But not the cheap, out of the quarter machine adjustable- it looks like a regular ring on the back, the adjustment piece is hidden!


Serenity Stone Drops – Again, my picture does nothing for these! This smoky quartz is a great color to go with any outfit. I went with the larger drop because I think these stunning earrings could act as a statement piece. Yes, I know they are gold, but it was so thin, that I decided to go for them anyways!


Light Bracelet – I thought this fun, lightweight bracelet would add a little sparkle to my wrist, and it’s easy to put on by yourself too!


Libby Layering Necklace – Who doesn’t need a layering necklace? I loved the detail in this one and again, see that packaging? Makes me want to buy more!


Pouf Wild Hearts – Right as I was finishing my order, the rep offered my this pouf for half off (select items from that month), and since I love bags, and this pattern,  I couldn’t say no!


Good quality, great prices, cool pieces… You can’t go wrong with Stella & Dot. Pay them a visit & get your bling on…

Au Revoir… LA

Frenchie Friday

I was walking the streets of New York City, checking my Instagram (as I do every 30 seconds) and saw a post from Joe Fresh. This picture showed flats, which I love, but flats that had to be purchased immediately. These flats had French Bulldogs on them. I quickly ran into the 5th Ave store and snagged a pair. I would hate myself if I left NYC without them, and they are by far one of my most prized possessions now. I may or may not have mentioned that one of my fur babies is a precious little Frenchie named Apple. Ever since we got her over a year ago, I have been obsessed with all things Frenchie.-I have decorative plates, stationary, figurines and now of course, shoes. Thank you, Joe Fresh, for fueling this obsession. Apple is a very wild puppy, although she is very sweet, she can be very hyper. Getting her out of the house & to the park, and posing for pictures was quite an experience (big sister Lily was at the groomers). If anyone out there knows where to find some good French Bulldog items, let me know, I plan on expanding this collection even larger than my nail polishes!

This is Apple

She wears silver Mardi Gras beads around her neck & packs a mean bite


Thank you again to Joe Fresh for these Frenchtabulous shoes




Shirt by J.Crew & Skirt by the Gap



Michael Kors Watch



Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick by Mac



Just totally giving up at this point…


And the many faces of Apple


Here’s to hoping you all have a Frenchtastic weekend! Snuggle with your fur babies & stay warm!

Au Revoir… LA